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Powered Subwoofer

16-3/4" H x 16-7/8" W x 19-3/8" D
( 42.55cm H x 42.86cm W x 49.21cm D )
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PSW1000 Features:
  • Dual 10 inch (25cm) Dynamic Balance Drivers have nearly 40% more surface area than a single 12-inch driver and a much greater force to mass ratio. The result is lower distortion and higher Sound Pressure Level with superb detail and musicality for truly big, tight, emotionally satisfying bass.
  • High roll surrounds allow longer cone excursion for louder, gut-kicking bass.
  • Both drivers feature vented, four-layer, long-winding-height Voice Coils, Vented Pole Pieces, and Aluminum Formers, ensuring better heat dissipation and less heat build-up for a long life of big bass.
  • Both drivers are magnetically shielded, so the PSW1000 is safe for placement near video equipment with no risk of video picture distortion.
  • Two Bass Venting Technologies -- Slot Load Vent and PowerPort® -- combine to virtually eliminate port turbulence and noise. The PSW1000 specializes in low distortion, high output, deep bass that you can really feel.
  • During the design process, a state-of-the-art Klippel laser optimization machine is used to perfectly position the voice coil in the magnetic gap. This ensures that equal force is placed on the driver cone in both forward and backward travel. The result is tighter, more detailed, lower distortion bass.
  • Heavy duty MDF Cabinet with 1.75-inch (4.5cm) side panels and rigid internal bracing -- a level of craftsmanship rarely seen in subs at this price level -- control vibration for near-zero cabinet resonance.
  • High gloss lacquer finish with your choice of Ebony or Cherry real wood veneer side panels.
  • Adjustable Carpet Spikes/Rubber Feet reduce bass coloration and ensure that the PSW1000 doesn't "walk around your room" like an old washing machine.
  • Stiff, low-resonance, driver suspension keeps the driver stable for increased transient bass response and more musical detail and definition.
  • Huge, fire-retardant flat NOMEX® Spiders provide highly reliable mechanical and thermal stability for safe, extended linear motion and long excursion bass.
  • Convenient Front Panel Control Pod gives instant access to Volume Control, Low Pass Adjustment, 3dB Bass Boost Toggle Switch and power indicator light to give you more immediate subwoofer control.

    Amplifier features:

  • BASH amplifier combines the fidelity of conventional Class A/B amplifiers with the efficiency of Class D amplifiers. You get high power, cool, reliable operation with precise definition and low distortion.
  • It's so powerful that it allows this amplifier to be rated at 825 Watts Peak -- more than a whole Horsepower (which is 746 Watts, in case you need to know)!
  • The most sophisticated protection circuitry of any Polk amplifier ensures years of trouble free operation even under high stress use conditions.
  • Multiple connection options, including Filtered Line Ins & Outs, Speaker Level Ins & Outs, adjustable-filtered Line In and unfiltered LFE give you unprecedented hookup flexibility and more control.
  • Gold Plated Five-Way Binding Posts for the most secure connection options.
  • Available in 110 and 220 Volts.

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